Warning: There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate ECCMID. We would like to alert all our members and delegates to possible scams and we strongly advise you to use only the official ECCMID online registration for your bookings.


For abstract submission is it mandatory to be an ESCMID member?
You don’t need to be a member to submit an abstract, but you need an ESCMID account, that can be created here at no cost.


Do I need to register for ECCMID before submitting my abstract for it to be considered for selection?
There is no need to be registered for ECCMID in order to submit an abstract, the only requirement is that the submitter is registered with an ESCMID user account. If an abstract is accepted, registration of the presenting author to the congress is required in order to be eligible for publication and presentation of the abstract.


Will I need to attend ECCMID in order to present my abstract?
If your abstract is accepted, it is necessary to attend ECCMID onsite or online with a valid registration, in order to present your work.


Are agencies allowed to submit abstracts on behalf of the authors?
Yes agencies can submit abstracts, kindly note that you need an ESCMID account to submit an abstract for ECCMID, that can be generated here. Submitting agencies will be informed about the outcome of the abstract, they are kindly requested to forward this information to all involved authors.


How many abstracts can be submitted by a single author?
An author can submit as many abstract as they want. There is no limitation. This includes also co-authorship. Please ensure abstracts do not contain duplicate or overlapping data.


I have trouble logging in, where can I seek assistance with a forgotten password or other account-related enquiry?
It is only possible to log-in with your ESCMID credentials. Changes to your account or password resets can be done on the ESCMID website at www.escmid.org.


Are you going to extend the deadline for abstract submission?
Deadlines are fixed and must be held in order to start the review process expediently. The server is usually hampered by traffic in the hours leading up to the final deadline, and we encourage you to submit your abstract well in advance of the cut-off time. Submitters are responsible for ensuring that their abstract is uploaded in time.

Will you accept abstracts of narrative literature review?
The types of reviews that are allowed include systematic reviews / meta-analyses which are counted as original research or case report / series complemented by a literature review. Narrative reviews per se are discouraged.


Are you accepting case reports or just research projects?
We do accept case reports and case series. Please use the abstract submission system and dedicated template.


For case reports: will the proposed template Background/Materials/Results/Conclusion be replaced by Background/Case(s) description/ Discussion.
Yes, the online template will adapt to the selection accordingly.


For case reports: is a consent form provided for patients to sign before presenting the case report?
No, a form is not provided from ESCMID. The abstract author is responsible for ensuring that all necessary consents and disclosures are collected within all applicable laws and guidelines.


I wonder whether you accept abstract in systematic review, meta-analysis and network meta-analysis?
Yes, we do, please submit your abstract for ECCMID by using the official submission system.

Are study design abstracts permitted to be submitted to ECCMID?
In general, ESCMID does not encourage abstracts that do not feature original data.
If the study design is extremely novel then it may be considered, but this should be made clear in the title.


Are ‘Trials in Progress’ permitted to be submitted to ECCMID?
If you are running a ‘Trial in Progress’, in which results are only expected after the regular abstract deadline (30 November 2022), please submit your abstract, including results, in the “Late Breaker” abstract call (TBA) rather than without results in the regular call.


Is there a limit to the number of authors per abstract?
We do not have a limit of authors per abstract, but would not recommend more than 20 persons, due to the readability of the abstract. Please follow accepted guidance for authorship in scientific work. Study groups or research consortia can also be acknowledged, please use the dedicated field for this, and DO NOT enter them as persons in the author list.


Do you accept abstracts on national public health policies, for example reimbursement policies?
Yes, we do accept abstracts on national policies, even if they concern a single country (no geographic restrictions).


We are about to launch a public health alert via a briefing note or public health bulletin – would it still be possible to submit an abstract on the incident in a wider context and including additional data?
Yes, this is possible. Please submit your abstract for ECCMID by using the official submission system.


Do you accept abstracts in which only a part of the results will be published before 13.04.2022 for the submission?
Yes, we do. Please clarify that in the abstract.


Can we use brand names?
Company names should not be used in titles. Specific product names can be used in titles, but should be avoided, if possible.


Do you allow encore abstract submissions to be submitted ?
We cannot accept encores for ECCMID.

Only original material not published prior to 05.04.2023.

Note: Abstracts may be considered if there is substantial new data or analysis.


How can I delete my abstract?
If you have your abstract in draft mode, you can log-in in the system and delete it on your own.

If your abstract is already submitted but the review has not started yet, you can notify the office at eccmidabstracts[at]escmid.org about the withdrawal. Please mention clerly the abstract number and the title.

If review has already started, you need to wait for the outcome of review and in case of acceptance, you need to withdraw.


Is it possible to change the names of authors of the abstract?
It is the responsibility of the submitter to double check that the names of author(s) and their affiliation(s) are correctly spelled and formatted, with appropriate capitalisation and punctuation.

Names and affiliations cannot be edited by the submitter once submitted, and will be published exactly as inputted. The ESCMID office will need to be contacted for any further changes.

ESCMID takes no responsibility for errors in either author or affiliation information.


Can references be added to abstracts?
No space is specially provided for references. If extremely important, references can be included as part of the text in an abbreviated fashion (e.g. Doe J et al., CMI 2016). References are included in the final word count.


Do words included in a diagram contribute towards the word count?
Words in a diagram or figure do not contribute to the final word count if uploaded in one of the picture upload fields. If tables are inserted in the text field, the words will count towards the total.


Can figures be added in colour, or can they only be in black and white?
Figures will be rendered in full colour, and can be uploaded as such.


What size should any figures or tables be?
Excessively large images and tables (greater than 2MB in size) should be avoided if at all possible. Large files should be compressed or reduced in resolution prior to uploading.

How do I apply for the ECCMID travel grant?
While submitting your abstract, you can tick the box for grant application. The ESCMID membership number of the presenting author should be entered in the indicated field. Only young scientist members are eligible. In the case of multiple grant submissions, only the application attached to the highest-rated abstract will be considered.


I forgot to apply for the travel grant, can I apply for it retrospectively?
Once the abstract is submitted, no more changes are possible. The ESCMID office will need to be contacted to add the application to the submission.


I mistakenly applied for the travel grant, can I withdraw my application retrospectively?
Once the abstract is submitted, no more changes are possible. The ESCMID office will need to be contacted to remove the application from the submission.