Warning: There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate ECCMID. We would like to alert all our members and delegates to possible scams and we strongly advise you to use only the official ECCMID online registration for your bookings.

Online Platform

All sessions taking place in ECCMID Session Halls are live streamed and recorded, available on the platform on-demand within 3 hours of the session's completion, remaining available for 6 months following the congress (until October 26, 2022)

Log in here with your ESCMID credentials (that were used to create your registration).


If you have not created your registration yet, you can do so here.


In case you have already bought a registration, please be aware that it can take up to 10 minutes to activate your access.

*limitations may apply

Technical best practices FAQ

This platform is accessible via any device that can connect to the internet using an internet browser; this could be your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. The platform is responsive to any device.

On the programme page, a red button marked "Join live" is displayed as soon as it is possible to enter the session. This is displayed a few minutes before the live session starts.

In order to have the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, but other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11+ can also be used. However, we do not recommend Internet Explorer as some functions, such as the chat are not fully supported.

The platform is accessible from everywhere around the globe (except China that blacklists the video provider of the online platform). To connect, only an internet connection is required.

It is not recommend to use a VPN as it slows the connection and can trigger some technical network issues. However, the online platform works if a VPN connection is used.

It is technically possible to open 2 sessions in 2 different tabs and watch them simultaneously.

It is not possible to login on 2 devices simultaneously with the same registration. If you do so, you will be informed by a message that you have a double connection. In that case, logout from your first device and login with your second device.

ECCMID 2022 Platform Tutorial

Logging in

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